First design – Robe à la Polonaise

First design

This is the first design for my project, it only lacks the decorations. I’m going to use the pattern for the style of polonaise that doesn’t have waist seams, to reduce the bulk there, that will be enough with all the layers this gown has.

Now I’m working on pattern for the stays. I resized the pattern for the half boned stays from the pag.16 of Corsets and Crinolines, printed it, joined the pieces and tried it on, and it fits well, so I’ll do a mock-up with boning (cable ties, they are cheap and easy to find) to be sure before I cut the good fabric.

Robe à la polonaise – Spanish style I

Finally I’ve begun to work on my DPP project. I’ve spent almost two months deciding what I wanted to do for my BJD, as I didn’t have money to buy fabrics for myself and my stash is composed of 1 meter long pieces, and finally I’ve set for a robe à la polonaise, but with Spanish style decorations.

The Gown:

Photo from CDMT - inventary nº11531

In the last quarter of the 18th century in Spain there was a fashion for the wealthy that consisted in imitate the style of dress of the «majos», gypsies that lived in Madrid. There aren’t any extant polonaises that have that style, but I like the polonaise and the «maja» style (you can see an example in the photo), and I decided I wanted to use the two for my project.

The Pieces:

I have some 18th century undergarments for my doll, but for this project I’m only reusing the shift, so this is the list of garments I have to design and sew:

– Stays
– Underpetticoat
– Bumroll
– Petticoat
– Robe à la polonaise

The Final Note:

I’m currently working on the design of the gown and all is still only in my head, so no drawings yet. I hope to have it done in a week or so, but the stays are giving me trouble. Also, please have in mind that English is not my first lenguage and I still have problems writing complicated phrasing.

Edit 8/05/2010: I found one maja styled polonaise! I think I’ve seen it at the Museo del Traje, but I probably forgot about it. The colors are really hideous, but the decorations are interesting.