Shoulder decorations

I just finished yesterday night.

I finally was able to use pins to close the front of the polonaise, I’m really happy! 😀

The sleeves were easy to do and set when I finally decided to stop trying to adapt an existing pattern and draped them. I had to make them a little wider than I wanted so I could pass the hands, and I used beads and loops instead of buttons and buttonholes in the cuffs, so they looked part of the decorations.

Ref. 11531d - CDMT

The decorations are little crocheted chains made with silver embroidery thread, with beads instead of the little crocheted flowers in the original. Obviously my design is not so complicated as the one I used for inspiration 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to do the photos for the entry, I’ll post the better here and the rest in mi flickr. Now just wish me luck with the contest! 🙂

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